Nollywood Actress, Omoni Oboli’s son, Tobi as he Proposed to his Canadian girlfriend today

Nollywood Actress, Omoni Oboli's son, Tobi as he Proposed to his Canadian girlfriend today

Omoni Oboli son Proposed to his Canadian girlfriend today

Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli‘s son, Tobi Oboli, took a significant step in his life as he proposed to his girlfriend, Marelle, today. Overflowing with joy, Omoni Oboli shared the delightful news, expressing the happiness that fills their hearts.

The proposal took place on a cold winter evening in Ontario Canada, setting the stage for a memorable moment as Tobe asked the love of his life to be his forever. The Oboli family is grateful for the wonderful addition of Marelle, describing her as an absolutely perfect and gorgeous daughter.

Expressing their gratitude, Omoni Oboli mentioned that Tobe has chosen a wife who shares the family’s values, making them even more delighted about the union. The family is in love with their new addition, and they attribute the blessings to the goodness of God.

For the engagement ring, Marelle expressed her desire for a simple diamond ring with three stones, and Bozdiamonds made sure to deliver exactly what she envisioned. The family thanked the jeweler for bringing Marelle’s dream ring to life.

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As the news spread, online well-wishers, fondly referred to as “aunties and uncles,” have already started expressing their excitement and congratulations. The Oboli family is now looking forward to planning the upcoming wedding, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with love and happiness.

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