Student Loan: NELFUND Postpones Application for State-owned Institutions

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The Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) has announced a 14-day extension for the student loan application process for state institutions, citing low data submissions.

The decision was made due to the failure of several state-owned institutions to upload required student data and fee information to the NELFUND Student Verification System.

According to a statement released in Abuja on Tuesday, only a limited number of state-owned institutions have successfully completed the data submission process.

Out of 48 state universities, only 20 have submitted data, while 12 out of 54 state colleges and 2 out of 49 state polytechnics have complied.

NELFUND said the application window, initially set to open on June 25, 2024, will now commence on July 10, 2024.

The extension, the body says will provide additional time for state institutions to comply with the data submission requirements.

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NELFUND also stressed the importance of complete and accurate information, including JAMB numbers, matriculation numbers, admission numbers, full names, level, faculties, departments, duration of program, fees, and gender of all eligible students.