Russia Places International Criminal Court President On Most Wanted List

Russia Places International Criminal Court President On Most Wanted List

The Russian Government declared on Monday that it had included the President of the International Criminal Court, Hofmanski Piotr Jozef on its wanted list.

“Hofmanski Piotr Jozef, Polish. Wanted under an article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation,” said a notice uploaded to the Russian interior ministry database.

The details of the allegations against
Hofmanski were not shared by the ministry. In March, an arrest warrant for Putin was announced by the Hague-based court on the war crime accusation of deporting Ukrainian children unlawfully.

Earlier, arrest warrants for ICC prosecutor Karim Khan along with several judges.

Another warrant was issued by the ICC against Russia’s presidential commissioner for children’s rights Maria Lvova-Belova on similar charges.

Russia, which does not have membership in the ICC, insists that the warrant against Putin is “void”.

Putin said he did not recognize the court’s authority and quickly responded to the arrest warrant by opening its criminal case against the ICC prosecutors and judges.

The ICC in September opened a field office in Ukraine so that it could hold Russian forces accountable for the offensive of Moscow in the Western-backed country.

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The site does not specify what Hofmański is wanted for, but it states he is “wanted under the article of the Criminal Code,” reported Russian state-run news site TASS.

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Alongside Hofmański, the ministry also added ICC Vice President Luz del Carmen Ibáñez Carranza and Judge Bertram Schmitt to the wanted list.

Moscow has been retaliating against the ICC, which back in March issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Children’s Rights Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova over the forced transfer of children to Russia since the Kremlin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began last year.